Grill Hours
Friday             11 am - 1 pm & 4 pm - 7pm
Saturday       11 am - 7pm
Sunday          11 am - 7 pm

Hours may change due to inclement weather, marina events, or holiday weekends.


  1. Golden Nuggets
    $ 6.99
    Juicy chicken chunks breaded and fried to golden perfection. Dip in your choice of Ranch, BBQ, or Honey Mustard.
  2. Chicken Strips
    $ 6.99
    Breaded chicken tenderloins seasoned with flecks of black pepper and garlic.
  3. Hot Wings
    Seasoned with just the right kick of spices and served up with a side of cool Ranch.
  4. Onion rings
    $ 4.99
    Thick cut onion slices double dipped in beer batter for the extra crunchiness.
  5. fried pickle spears
    $ 5.99
    Fresh dill pickle spears enveloped in a perfectly seasoned crust and served up with a side of Ranch.
  6. mozzarella sticks
    $ 5.99
    Coated in a crisp seasoned batter and served with marinara or ranch dressing.
  7. jalapeno poppers
    $ 4.99
    Halved jalapeño peppers stuffed with rich cream cheese and coated in a light flakey breading.
  8. Side of fries
    $ 2.49
    Premium thick cut potatoes gently coated in a micro-brewed beer batter and deep fried to a crunchy goodness.

grilled food
Served with Potato Chips
Choose from American or Pepper jack cheese
Add Bacon $ 0.99
Add French Fries $1.99

  1. Hot Dog
    $ 3.99
    Premium all beef frank grilled to perfection.
  2. Johnsonville Stadium Bratwurst
    $ 5.99
    Big stadium flavor packed into this juicy grilled brat.
  3. Hamburger
    $ 7.49
    1/3 lb. juicy beef steak patty flame broiled for maximum flavor.
  4. Cheeseburger
    $ 8.49
    1/3 lb. juicy beef steak patty topped with your choice of cheese for even more flavor.
  5. Double Cheeseburger
    $ 9.49
    Two thick and juicy beef steak patties flame broiled with your choice of cheese.
  6. Chicken Sandwich
    $ 6.99
    A juicy chicken breast battered in a golden breading and fried to perfection.
  7. Steak finger Basket
    $ 7.49
    Jumbo steak strips marinated to perfection and coated in a seasoned home-style batter.
  8. Chicken strip basket
    $ 7.49
    Breaded chicken tenderloins seasoned with flecks of black pepper and garlic.
  9. BLT Sandwich
    Toasted bread piled high with bacon, lettuce, and a juicy tomato.